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The Bum Magnet

The Bum Magnet - K.L. Brady By the description of this book I had a good feeling that it would be a bit smarter and more entertaining than most chick-lit, but I still couldn’t shake the chick-lit stigma I was putting on it. Upon actually reading the book I found I was right and very wrong. The book wasn’t just smart and entertaining, but it also surpassed the genre of chick-lit.

The main character is nothing like me; our ages are distant, our economic status is distant (she’s a professional and I’m...not), she is jaded when it comes to love and I am still young enough to be socially acceptably naive about it. That’s the short list and still I could relate so much to Charisse. As a woman, in her wants and needs and dedication to her loved ones, and as a person in the same respects. The character was so well defined and three dimensional that even though I had NOTHING in common with her, I could constantly put myself in her place, making the book more interactive than just passive.

What I loved most about the evolution and character of Charisse’s life, and the men in it, were that you were shown the good and the bad in the same stark and truthful light. Charisse wasn’t perfect, the men she dated weren’t perfect, and even those who you felt so disgusted by at times had their good sides. You still could understand how Charisse would and could form relationships with them.

Without spoiling anything, I’ll simply say the man she finally ended up with was GREAT. Again, realistic but still a great leading man. One I don’t walk away from the story thinking ‘it wouldn’t actually last’. It was perfect. It was sweet. It was sigh worthy.

On a final (and IMPORTANT) note, the tone of the book was overall upbeat in what seemed like a dismal life from time to time. This made the humor easy and flawless. There were a lot of times that I laughed out loud and that last scene will remain one of my favorites for a long time.