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The Twain Shall Meet - J. Guevara This might not be a selling point but when I first saw the book I thought "Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure!" This can sound like an insult, but it isn't. Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure is the smartest movie ever made.

Almost as cool as that movie is Mark Twain. My public school education made me grimace at the mention of his name but as an adult I have found that the man was a total badass. The suggestion of "What would Mark Twain think of the world today?" isn't a rare one but the application of it outside of a talking-head-news-show is.

Books like this are the materical fact that everyone who argues against small- or self-publishing is wrong. You would be hard pressed to find something as clever (and yet accessible) as The Twain Shall Meet on a best-sellers rack.

Give it a shot if you want to impress people at cocktail parties. It'll make you seem way more pretentious than you have to be to read it.