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Accessible Love Stories - Christy Leigh Stewart, Jess Gulbranson, Ruth Madison, Amanda Dier, Esther Day, DC Graham This book was my brain-child that I approached the newly forming Good Mourning Publishing with, and it was selected as the publisher's first release! I'd like to thank them, the editor Amber Dearinger, and all the other authors involved

The idea for this book came after numerous discussions about how disabled people, mainly people in wheelchairs, were depicted in fiction. No one was happy with it. I was dedicated to the idea of a romance anthology based on this type of character written by writers of different genres and varying points in their careers; writers who are disabled people, able-bodied people (those not disabled), and devotees (those with a fetish for disabled people). I also wanted a spectrum of romances featuring heterosexual couples as well as gay and lesbian ones...I'm proud to say my vision was achieved.

If you do read the book, please give it an honest review. If you love it, good. If you hate it, good. It was created as a response in this ongoing dialoged of literature, romance, disabilities, and diversity; your opinion matters.

I also hope it inspires you to write your own stories with disabled characters. If you think "I want to try this" or "I can do this" or "I can do a better job than this" do it! Write, publish, and tell me about it so I can get a copy.