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Ménage à 20, Tales with a hook

Ménage à 20, Tales with a hook - Carlos J. Cortes,  Andy Love,  Minnie Estelle Miller,  Renee Miller,  D.B. Pacini,  Roy L. Pickering Jr.,  Kate Quinn,  Lauren Stone,  Michael Keyton,  Kelley Roby,  Rita Webb,  Diane Condon-Boutier,  Henry Lara,  Paul Mitton,  Gwendolyn McIntyre,  Susan  Elizabeth Curn Why wasn't I asked to be a part of this? 1 star!

Or, I'll wait to read it and then judge.

Probably not though.


The above is what I wrote when I added it to my list. It was meant as a joke to amuse specific friends. This was before people actually read my reviews.

I'm leaving it so if you are to read the comments below you will understand what they are referring to.

On to the actual review:

This is a book put together in a Goodreads group with a bunch of unpublished or vanity/pod published authors, so it is what you would think; not tightly put together and heavy with pieces that should have been left on a floppy.

I was looking forward to it, though. I like self-published books and it looked as if the contributors put some amount of work into this but it was too white-bread for what it advertises itself as. The cover and plethora of accent marks don't represent what makes up most of this 400+ page book.

Well, actually, the accent marks may be a good preview to the quality you'll be getting in this anthology.