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Wicked Hearts - Claire Thompson I really enjoyed this book! Honestly. All my other goodreads wins were....not great and reviewing them took a masterful hand at fiction to write, but I actually did like this one.

Maybe because I'm a perv and love slash?

First off, I want to thank the author who was so cool to autograph the book for me with my stupid Terminator joke (that made my inner fanboy squee).

Now, for the story. Jeff was adorable. I just adore geeky characters and not only that, but he had a stutter and that gets the book into my favorite shelf; the disfigured/crippled/insane shelf. I appreciated the fact that through the book Jeff didn't have to become LESS nerdy to be more in control of his life or feelings. He was nerdy all the way through.

Reese was a great character that I enjoyed getting to know more and more as the book went on. He had a great romantic lead aspect but also an interesting transgressive side that I wont spoil by explaining. The whole situation wasn't over done or contrived and came off as believable.

Even Hank was likable. I know he was an asshole and you were suppose to hate him, but I can't help but think a great sequel would be to have HIM fall face first into reality and find love.

Anyway, I could write a review as long as the book itself, but I'll spare you. If you like slash, happy endings, and solid writing, I can't see how you wouldn't enjoy this book.