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Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh I'm a big fan of this series and this book is one of the best in adding to the overall plot-line. Although I wasn't too fond of the leads, I can't give the book less than 5 stars.

The H/H in this one seemed to be too big to fit in such a big plot for such a limited span of pages and Singh just shared what she had to about them while forcing them into sexual unions.

Aside from that...Singh did a great job of piecing together the culture and politics of the 1970-80s to the 2080 time period in which the book takes place. I could have read a whole book of the letters by Devraj's great-great-whatever-grandmother, it reminded me of one of my favorite stories, and it really puts the climate of change the plot is taking into a relatable context.

One last rant I can get away with without giving anything away: The ending was just too cliche. Way to ‘and it was all better, love concurs all’ I’d love to see some permanent damage after all that drama toward the end.