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Phantom Waltz - Catherine Anderson I had this book laying around the house from a splurge of used books I bought because they had gotten lots of good reviews, so when I began to read it I was very surprised at the content. I've never read a book in which the leading lady was in a wheelchair, so for that alone I give it 5 stars; kudos to Anderson for doing something different.

I'm not paraplegic, like the leading lady, Bethany, but I have been in a wheelchair all my life so I'm going to review this book as someone who is gimpy herself. I did my best to not judge the character of Bethany too hard because we have different disabilities, different lives, and are different people, but I admit a lot of the book I was mentally 'yes'ing or 'no'ing many things.

It was obvious the author studied up on paraplegia because (especially in the beginning) she was sticking in information wherever she could. A lot of the time, it came from Bethany herself in a very unrealistic portrayal of how one might explain their situation to curious strangers or new acquaintances. No one with any self respect is going to discuss whether or not there are incontinent with someone they just met, and certainly not someone they are on a date with. In my experience, individuals who are crippled later in life tend to be more willing to share personal details of their disabilities with others, and because that is not my situation I wont harp on the character decision to go into great detail about herself. The bathroom talk just really got my eyebrows encroaching on my hairline’s personal space.

Bethany's general attitude about her situation was refreshing for me, and realistic (the only cripples you see in entertainment or in the media at all are either the heroes or the long sufferers). She was 8 years into her injuries and wasn't still coming to terms with it or had resentment about it, she was simply living as someone in her situation does.

Ryan, the leading man was a good fit for this type of story. His need to take care of stays justified a lot of his sudden and inexplicable interest in Bethany (but, this is a romance, and so I didn’t expect any justification for that behavior, it is what happens in the world of romance novels). At times he knew nothing about paraplegia and then sometimes too much. When he first meets her he knows she is paraplegic simply by the atrophy in her legs. No. Here is how it actually goes: Someone notices you are in a wheelchair and says “Are you paralyzed?” if you say yes they ask how it happened, if you say no they ask if you have MS and if you say no (like I do) they tell you about someone they know with MS and then wander off.

The book was entertaining and surprising. Without giving a spoiler, I’ll just say I thought the bar incident was very funny and the end was more dynamic than I was expecting.