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Shadow Dance (An Avon Romantic Treasure) - Anne Stuart I hate writing spoiler reviews but I don't think I can relay what I liked about this book without using spoilers, considering the book wasn't really great until the end.

The story is about two brothers on the run from murder charges. One dresses in drag and plays as his brothers wife. The transvestite falls in love with a blue-blooded woman who is pretty uninteresed in dudes and the other brother falls for a woman who is in drag and on the run from her abusive husband. This is why I got the book and stayed with it until the end. I love gender-benders and this had a 2 for 1 deal.

The first 80% of the book is predictable and is just below the bar for as funny as the premise warrents, and then the resolutions begin and the two heroes are outed as completely dispassionate and useless where as the women settle everything with awe inspiring practicality.

The transvestite get's revealed as a man to his lady friend (who remains pretty asexual to the end) after she's planned out a lesbian union for them. She get's mad and leaves. He shrugs and sulks. No attempt to go after her or "claim what is his" as we see in most romance novels. After a few hours she comes back and forgives him. She efficiently (albeit grudgingly) re-works her lesbian romance to fit his cock in.


There is one man, the other woman's husband, who is mentioned throughout the novel as the Big Bad Wolf and it seems obvious the book will end with a heroric rescue of his wife from his clutches...but instead he shows up at around 2/3rds of the way in, the brothers let him stay with them and take his wife with him when he leaves. You can't very well kill someone who has manners as nice as his. A few scenes later the wife awakens to find an old woman over her with a knife and her husband slashed to death next to her in bed. The old woman is all "I met your husband. He's kind of a dick so I killed him. I killed my maid too, so you better get my bags for me."

Really funny.

The dramatic climax of the book has the non-trans brother making a valent attempt at a rescue of the newly widdowed trans-woman from the murderous elderly woman, but he ends up being 0% useful and his love interest falls to her death in the ocean. He sulks and goes home. Hours later she shows up at his door and his reaction is, "I thought you died," and she says something to the effect of, "I can swim, dumbass."

The End

I loved this book.