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Outback Boss, City Bride - Jessica Hart I wanted to read a Harlequin novel and so I picked this one at random...It was so random that had I read the title I wouldn't have touched it because I hate cowboys and western (even in Australia) stories but by the time I figured that out I had already started reading and was really enjoying it.

The plot is a very melodramatic one: One woman falls in love with a man who is in love with her sister and when the sister finds out she runs off and the man is so upset he gets in an accident and ends up in a coma so the woman runs off to find the sister believing she is the only one to wake him with the power of their love but the sister has fallen for a new guy in the place she's hiding out in but is willing to go back for her sister so they trade places...

It's all very soap opera and I fucking love that shit.

Also, Hart did a great job of creating complex characters that retained believability while still pulling off character development in a limited amount of pages.

And she made the leading lady and man unattractive which is never ever done and is one of my automatic 5 star qualifiers.

The only thing that I have fault with is that after the leading lady and man had sex she was suddenly over all her insecurities. It was like that Lifetime spoof they did on Family Guy where the dude goes "Over the next hour I'll show you how all your problems can be solved with my penis."

Still, I'll give it 5 stars for the ugly people and the tricking me into reading a cowboy story.