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Trapped Nerves - Drew Hunt The cover of the book looks like one of the guys from the Jersey shore is attacking cripple people in elevators.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) that is not at all what this book is about.

This novella is a mashup of to love story clich├ęs: the jock and the and rich boy poor boy. As someone who reads fanfic, I have read my fair share of these types of stories and so I expected very little but Drew Hunt wrote it in such a way that within a few pages I lost all my reservations.

The story flashes back and forth between the young love story of two young men and the future coincidental meeting in a broken elevator, and as you read on you learn why the future Mason is terrified of his first love and is in a wheelchair.

Not wanting to give away any spoilers I can't say more than that, so all and this review by admitting I was completely surprised by the quality of this novella and the fact that it brought tears to my eyes.