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The Heart of Aces - Sarah Sinnaeve, Esther Day, Stephanie Charvat, Flavia Napoleoni, Rai Scodras, Mursheda Ahad, Chelsey Brinson, Madeline Bridgen, Andrea R. Blackwell, A.J. Hall, Kari Woodrow This book that I highly anticipated the release of. Romantic literature is not only something I enjoy, but I think is a great venue to explore different types of inter-personal relationships and the fact that so few "alternative" lifestyles and sexualities get the spotlight in this genre is a travesty.

In Heart of Aces each story features an asexual character within a romantic context, which is an ingenious way of showing the spectrum of sexual aspects of asexuality which is often misunderstood to have none.

Given that the theme of this book is one of a highly unknown and misunderstood sexuality, I thought that most of the book would be hard to approach as simply stories of romance, but that isn't the fact at all. The stories within this book are, at their core, classic romantic tales of longing/union, hurt/comfort, and love conquering all.

I recommend this book to those who finally want accurate depictions of asexuality and to those who simply love great love stories.