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Rogue Touch - Christine Woodward In a word this book is insulting.

Rogue is an iconic figure to those of us who grew up with her and so I know it would be close to impossible to please a long time X-Men fan like myself, but comic book fans are notorious for being hard to please, so Woodward should have seen this coming and not so completely ruined what made Rogue's youth so compelling.

Not only are there no X-Men, Roque also doesn't have her adopted mothers Mystique and Destiny. Even if you didn't want to make this a "superhero" universe (which is ridiculous, all things considered) you could have at least given the fan's a long-awaited peek into their home life, or was it that this is a young adult book and you don't want children to read about lesbian mothers?

Like most other people, I was upset that instead of Gambit being the romantic interest it some original character, but the worst thing about this book is that he becomes the story. Not just their romance, but the whole plot is based around him.

Rogue is an unbelievably strong and independent woman and you make her book about some guy we don't care about and have never heard of?

It is not impossible for a story to be about a woman and not completely dependent on a man to advance the plot, even in the romance genre.

Unfortunately, Woodward is a good writer (when it comes to technique, at least) but this is just another piece of merchandise with as much substance as one of my Rogue action figures.